KDE Connect is now available for iOS! Connect your desktop to your phone and other devices for easy file transfers; remote mouse control; remote control of presentation slides; synchronized clipboard and pasteboard; and much more.


KDE Connect now works on most major platforms, including Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and experimentally on macOS, allowing you to hook up all your devices seamlessly.


Linux (yeah, yeah) 

It's Fedora 36 day, finally. Give me that new GNOME!

I now have a usb-B cable and I am now able to play with my PS3 gamepad on my Linux PC :D

No, I don't have a PS3, I just have a PS3 gamepad xd

Clean up the web!

A reminder that you, as a developer, can make a difference on the Web simply by choosing not to perpetuate people farming on your own sites and apps.


#web #dev #ethics

apparently how to make numbers on fedi: be a cat

Mastodon Perú

Bienvenido a Mastodon Perú, la primera instancia de peruanos para peruanos.