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Haciendo "copias de seguridad" de cartuchos de #pokemon

El domingo noche me puse un poco a mostrar el cacharro que permite hacer estas cosas.

Cocretamente aquí:

#GNOME43 is here, let's celebrate! If you're hosting a local release party add it to our list to share with others in your area:

You can even make your gathering a combo release/birthday party in honor of our 25th Anniversary last month!

#PeerTube v4.3 is out! 😍😍😍
▪ automatic import of videos from a remote channel
▪ UI improvements
▪ better integration of videos and live streams
▪ more instances customizations

Discover improvements and new features of this latest version on :


Fork of the popular "I don't care about cookies" extension

This fork is develope by the community under a free GPLv3(GNU) license and has identical features to the original extension

Based on v3.4.3 of the original extension.


promote it so that others know about this extension too :ablobcatreachreverse:


This is why creators should just move over to @peertube instances. At this point, Google is just a middle-man. Get with a few other similar creators, set up an instance, collect donations, and make more than you likely would on YouTube anyway.


Thunderbird tip: Want to send an email later instead of now? Press "CTRL+SHIFT+RETURN" (or CMD+SHIFT+RETURN on macOS). Next time you launch Thunderbird, you'll be asked if you want to send them.

Or take "Send Later" to the next level with this add-on:

reminder that "I don't care about cookies" was purchased by Avast and you should remove it before they sell your personal information.

A mí, la palabra esternocleidomastoideo me parece muy bonita y rítmica, no sé si ustedes opinan lo mismo 🤔

@yoyo308 no es casualidad, estamos siendo espiados de 1000 formas diferentes imposibles de bloquearlas todas.

Ayer hice un marcapáginas de sandía 🥰 y me gustó mucho

:nkoWave:​ Hello and a good meowing everyone! :blobcathug::blobcathearts:​ Have a most wonderful day and stay safe! :blobcatsnuggle:

HUID!!! La extensión I don't care about cookies la ha comprado AVAST, y ya sabemos que va a pasar con los datos que recoja

I rewrote the icon count script in fish and it's nice to see how small and easy to mantain is the code now
hope you like it!

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