Well... Regarding the big outage of this instance today, my ISP deployed IPv6 for all home customers (yay!), but said "no more public IPv4 for you" and my IPv4 connection is now under CG-NAT. I'm a little bit busy with college stuff to properly configure IPv6 so now this thing is running via Cloudflare Tunnels...

@xerz Cineplanet (a peruvian cinema, owned by Intercorp) issued this "content warning"

@xerz I have seriously considered an alioth but the proximity sensor issue was my main concern 😅

@nahuel la que gustes, por mi parte ya tienes un espectador asegurado c:

Isn't that a KitKat / Holo style dialog? 🤔
My phone is running Android 10

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Today I literally woke up to the "Emergency Cell Broadcast" test done by the government

And that's how I ended up with this... (yes, I will get more RAM in the next days)

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